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Taft Mohair, in my favor, has a powerful sense of helping the mind open up, breathe, and focus on what it wants to do. His words bless you into realizing what the world around you should and could become.
— Jamilia Hamlin, Shelter Manager, City of Austin
I’ve listened and taught with Taft for many years now. He understands the secrets of leadership and how to leverage it to deliver tremendous outcomes in one’s personal, academic, professional and spiritual life. Taft continues to encourage my colleagues and I with his depth of insight that drives people to success. His powerful vision and ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds is one of the keys to his success.
— Kevin E. Harris, Executive Assistant to Group Vice President, BP
Training with Taft Mohair is a wise investment! I have tremendous respect for his ability to deliver simple, yet powerful, no-nonsense strategies that empower individuals to become strong leaders while creating lifelong success. His wisdom, passion and charisma enhance his ability to captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Taft’s workshops are loaded with direction, encouragement, hope and practical strategies.
— Andrea Shelton, Nationally Ranked Sales Rep, Pfizer
Taft Mohair’s strategy of “making things real by keeping things real” truly makes his presentations dynamic. By giving people a fresh insight on how to handle not only everyday pressures, but how to make decisions that yield positive outcomes. Taft’s approach is just what we needed.
— Tiphany Burrell, Director of Development, Target Hunger